Watch Marie giving Jimmy advice and guidance as she shares which girls have things in common with him and what potential hurdles they may face in a relationship.


Marie Chandler from Face Reading Sydney provides some insight into the compatibility between Dana and Dylan from 98.1 Power FM radio in terms of the show's future

Have you ever wondered what your face says about you? Tonight on ‘The Bachelor’, Jimmy is about to learn more about the women in the mansion he is dating, with the help of a face reading expert. So, what exactly is involved in face reading? Enjoy the feelgood fun 🙌 with Sarah Harris and Tristan MacManus meeting Marie Chandler from Face Reading Sydney

After Mel and Tim found such humour with my face reading of Jimmy (The Bachelor) and the girls I could not help myself and via Instagram offered them both a face reading. The video speaks for itself!

In Cocktails and Roses - Osher Gunsberg and the guru with the inside knowledge Alisha Aitken-Radburn discuss the Face Reader and the readings that Jimmy and the girls received on The Bachelor. It's more than just "Rebellious Hair Lines" and "Sensitive Chins".

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The Bachelor’s face reading expert Marie Chandler on these famous couples