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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered


Why would I want to get a face reading?

Your biography is written all over your face. Your face shape reveals characteristics of your personality as well as your embodied habits and behaviours. You will gain insights into how you present to the world as well as gain understanding into how you are perceived by others.

What will I gain from having a face reading?

You will discover some ‘blind spots’ that you are currently unaware of. When you hear about your strengths, you will get ideas about what you enjoy doing and what you are naturally inclined to do. As you become more aware of your challenges you will seek opportunities to overcome your limitations and feel safer and more secure with Who You Are.

How will this help me understand myself?

When you understand how you face the world you will also get a deeper understanding into how you see the world. Everyone has a masculine and a feminine side and you will discover whether you are in alignment or out of balance.

How will this help me relate to others?

When you learn some basic skills of face shapes and their characteristics combined with face zones identifying the mental, emotional and physical zones you will easily see people for Who They Are and understand their perspectives of how they see the world.

How can I improve my relationships with others?

The ability to read others allows you to show more compassion and understanding.
You will discover how others process their emotions and find language to easily build rapport. In the blink of an eye you will realise their preferred communication style so that you will help them to feel relaxed and at ease.

What will I notice about me after I have had a face reading?

As you appreciate yourself, your current status and your life experiences and how this has had an impact on you – You will find more self-compassion and appreciate yourself for all that you are. As you gently see your past experiences through a different lens you create an opportunity to make peace with your past, find forgiveness and move forwards with a deeper essence of Who You Are.

What kind of things will I learn?

Each feature reveals a different facet of your personality and so as your story unfolds the depth of your self-understanding increases. Your nose represents your identity – how you present to the world. Your nose shows your attitude and the projection of your ego. The nose knows! Your eyes are the windows to your soul – showing your passion, your ability to trust and how well you relate to others. Your mouth is your area of creativity, your sensuality, sexuality and how easily you communicate your intentions.

How long does a face reading take?

The answer to this depends on the depth of information you desire. You can learn a lot in a 15 minute session. With a 30 minute session we go much deeper and start to identify some patterns of behaviour as well as gifts, challenges and contradictions (which will identify to you your inner-conflicts). With a one hour session we can start to identify some opportunities for change and look at coaching, counselling or longer term programs depending on your individual requirements.

What are your fees?

15 Minute Face Reading: $50

1 hour In-Depth Face Reading: $250

Spiritual Coaching and Business Mentoring:

$250 per hour

Coaching Packages: 
$ 1,000 AUD (5½ hours of value)

All sessions can be face to face

or via zoom or skype.

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