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The only way out is in

Life will always have its particular challenges and for some the tiniest break from routine will send them into a tailspin - for others who live "All or Nothing" it takes a lot to knock you off your perch - but when you fall you really fall.

It is challenging times - I have clients in Australia, US and UK right now and there is much uncertainty and people who know where they are and who they are - are being rocked to the core - the very essence of who they think they are is being tested.

Friendships are falling apart, families are being split - we are in a time of people holding onto anything that supports their narrative and looking outside of self can be very disillusioning when what is occurring out there is shattering the illusion within. What we used to trust has dissipated. Who we used to rely on has gone.

So when the world around us is changing so frequently and the truths we have held onto for so long now seem like dismal lies - How does one find their footing, discover their hope, align with their values and feel like they belong?

When everything around you that used to balance you has gone or keeps shifting - then you are being forced to go within. You need to rediscover your values - your truths. If when you go within you are in pain then they only way out is to dig deeper into the pain - how to do that gently - how to hold space - how to rediscover the joy, the calm, the peace or the freedom?

Firstly choose! Check into your body - lets get to the root of those feelings. Feel in your body where those pain points are? Is it in one place? Or is it in many places? Perhaps you are aware of a heaviness in your throat? Is life difficult to swallow right now? Perhaps you have a deep sickness in the root of your stomach? Is life difficult to digest right now? Identify the different feelings and write them down, speak them out loud, name it to claim it. Go through your whole body and name the different parts that are speaking to you. Identify the meta programs that are playing out (for those who do not know Meta-programs are powerful mental processes that help people manage, guide and direct their experiences.) They are the mental programs that are running your life at an unconscious level. They are made up of beliefs and values, thoughts and memories, your unconscious immediate responses. These play a huge role in how you process information - your brain distorts, deletes and generalises. You will find external stressors will bring about different meta programs.

Once you have your list (either written down or said aloud) then you get to decide - is this about blame? or is this about shame? Are they the same or are they different?

Now set about shifting, making slight changes - some people who have the skill and practise will easily complete this exercise for themselves, others may need the help of someone to simply hold the space, metaphorically hold your hand and gently glide your through the changes.

When you have shifted the inner feelings - are you feeling better? More at peace? Is there something else you need to attend to?

It could be the voice within - the one you use to berate yourself - is it whispering or is it shouting loud and clear? Is it soothing or is it sleuthing? Is it confusing and consuming? Is it including or excluding? Is it allowing or refusing? Is it accusing or approving? Again, some internal shifting is needed. When you are in pain, confusion or delusion you are replaying the past (and the negative past at that) - It is impossible to visualise a positive future because your past unresolved emotions are entangling you. You need to disentangle.

Where is hope on your timeline? Is it near or far? Where is inner peace, the quiet strong voice within or are they both a distant memory? Start looking for what you need to get rid of, let go of and start looking for what you need to accept and embrace. If you accept and embrace and this leaves you feeling heavy, disoriented and deluded then you are not accepting and embracing from the true inner you - you need to go deeper within - what are you really ready to accept and embrace? Now do you feel lighter?

There could also be a vision in your mind's eye - is it a photo or a video? What are you replaying, revisiting and reliving? It is reminding you to stop living in the past - Things have changed now, things have moved on - Your stuckness is your unwillingness to let go. You are holding onto patterns and programs pre-pandemic. You have moved on - stop being in the past those old skills no longer serve you - it is time to create your new mind-set. it is time to pivot, swivel, turn and face your new path. Even if the path is not lit up, you need to be facing in the right direction. When the timing is right you will take that step forward. Just be gentle, patient and kind with you. Let yourself lovingly find your own way.

So whether it is a feeling in your body, a fight between your rational and irrational mind, a spiritual break - know that you have been here before. You have overcome this before. Your resilience is being tested. Most of all you are looking outside of yourself for answers - however others are just living their truth - you are different - You are You and only You truly know what you must do and who you need to be. And that is You. 100% You.

Marie is a qualified Master Practitioner and Teacher in Face Reading, Psychosomatic Therapy and NLP. With more than 15 years of experience, Marie brings a unique blend of skill and discernment into these untapped spiritual disciplines. Marie offers inspirational insights into your inner self and personal potential. Reach out to Marie via

" My passion is to make a difference to people, empowering them to be their best. This can be achieved by increasing their self awareness,

and maintaining a bodymind balance."


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