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3 ways to uncover your motivation

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

We all lose our way sometimes - things don't go according to plan, curveballs come from nowhere or people let you down and you get stuck in disappointment, disorientation and you feel directionless. Soon enough the darkness sets in - How do you go about turning the proverbial mountain into a molehill.

Remember a time in the past when life was flowing. You were working towards a goal, your creative juices were flowing, you felt in alignment with everything around you and you were supported. What were telling yourself in this moment? How were you spending your time? Who were you surrounded by? What kept you in this feeling of motivation? Close your eyes and allow all those feelings of motivation to wash over you, feel what you felt, see what you saw, hear what you were saying to yourself or what others were saying and when you are in peak state - take an imaginary photo that you can place in your pocket and carry it around with you so you can remind yourself.

Imagine a time in the future when you have achieved your goal? What are you hearing? What are people saying to you? What are you seeing - Who is celebrating with you? What else do you notice? How are you feeling? I want you to create the best vision and outcome of what you desire. Close your eyes and allow all those feelings of motivation to wash over you, feel what you hope to feel like, see what you envision, focuimagine what you will be saying to yourself, what will other people be saying and when you are in peak state - store those positive vibes in your heart so that when you need a perk, focus on your heart and remind yourself why you are doing this.

In this moment right now what is keeping you away from what you want to do? Is your head full of thoughts - journal them. Do you have other things you need to be doing - Write a list. Are other people taking your time - prioritise time for you and time for others. Are you not focussing on what you need to be doing? What is more important in this moment right now, do that and put some time aside later for you to tick off a few tasks, make those calls or do whatever it is you need to do. On completion - Remember to give yourself a treat. Acknowledge yourself and know that you are one step closer. Living your own dream.

Marie is a qualified Master Practitioner and Teacher in Face Reading, Psychosomatic Therapy and NLP. With more than 15 years of experience, Marie brings a unique blend of skill and discernment into these untapped spiritual disciplines. Marie offers inspirational insights into your inner self and personal potential. Reach out to Marie via

" My passion is to make a difference to people, empowering them to be their best. This can be achieved by increasing their self awareness,

and maintaining a bodymind balance."

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