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How learning how to manage your thoughts and emotions helps you to achieve your outcomes

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

How easy is it for you to be present - to stay in the present moment - to let go of all thoughts of what you need to do and just be in the moment. When you are in the moment it is easy to go with the flow, do what needs to be done and focus on the next step rather than the big picture of things and the end goal.

When you are present it is easy to connect to those around you - your words will resonate with others and you will do what needs to be done. Your words matter, they change how others respond to you, they get others on board or they repel people. Just as your words matter - How you react to the words of others, also matters. If you find yourself reacting, then you need to slow down. Take time to let the words settle, spend some time savouring the message and then choose how to respond. Responding is preferable to reacting. Be a person of your word. If you say you are going to do something, then see it through to the end.

Actions speak louder than words. When people show you who they are - Believe them. Make it your mission to do as you say you are going to do. People will appreciate you when you deliver on your promises and commitments. Repeat your actions and they become habits. Motivation gets your started and then its the habits that are going to keep you going.

Successful habits breed successful people and when people know that you are dependable they will acknowledge and appreciate you. People trust people that they like. When others recognise your character. As Bruce Lee said "Knowledge will give you power, but character respect". Showing Up consistently will lead you to your destiny.

REMEMBER: Changing Your Habits begins with the way you TALK TO YOURSELF.

Marie is a qualified Master Practitioner and Teacher in Face Reading, Psychosomatic Therapy and NLP. With more than 15 years of experience, Marie brings a unique blend of skill and discernment into these untapped spiritual disciplines. Marie offers inspirational insights into your inner self and personal potential. Reach out to Marie via

" My passion is to make a difference to people, empowering them to be their best. This can be achieved by increasing their self awareness,

and maintaining a bodymind balance."

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