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Discovering the essence of WHO YOU ARE with face reading

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

The essence of "Who You Are" can be interpreted so you can gain insights into your presence and how you present to the world. The science of face reading shows that there is a logical flow - the different shapes on a face and each aspect has its own significance. The art of face reading is like completing a jigsaw puzzle with all the different pieces fitting together.

Each feature reveals a different facet of your personality. As you begin to discover the uniqueness of "Who You Are" you will uncover your own inner beauty and innate aspects. As we explore with compassion and understanding you will start to see some past conditioning and identify some patterns of behaviour which are either supporting or challenging you in this moment right now. You will be able to identify where outer experiences are reflecting inner sensations and sense when your decisions and actions are true to your heart.

Your face reveals your story so far, as your awareness grows, a new chapter begins for you to become empowered to live a life of courage and self-acceptance. As you identify the different layers unfolding, you will have an opportunity to make new more informed choices and embody those changes giving you a more uplifting experience. Through face reading you learn to stand in your own uniqueness and your alignment leads you to the key to unlock your future potential.

Marie is a qualified Master Practitioner and Teacher in Face Reading, Psychosomatic Therapy and NLP. With more than 15 years of experience, Marie brings a unique blend of skill and discernment into these untapped spiritual disciplines. Marie offers inspirational insights into your inner self and personal potential. Reach out to Marie via

" My passion is to make a difference to people, empowering them to be their best. This can be achieved by increasing their self awareness,

and maintaining a bodymind balance."

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