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Updated: Oct 16, 2021

You may be feeling like you have hit a wall and don't know which way to turn. Your friends don't understand you and it is hard to get out of bed and get motivated. The first step you need to realise is that everything will be ok and you just need to take some time out for you.

You are feeling challenged and maybe you know the catalyst or it could just be the proverbial final straw which broke the camels back. First things first. Acknowledge where you are, decipher what you need and most important of all, develop self compassion for where you are at right now. Decide on a morning mantra like "This too shall pass" - take a deep breath and decide that now is the time to make yourself a priority above all others. As they say on the plane - It is important to put your own oxygen mask on first.

In time you will rediscover your "Niaque" (fighting spirit) - should you want some assistance to guide you through the process and remind you of "Who You Are" then reach out and I can support you through this difficult time.

You are not just your mental mind, your emotional being and your physical body - You also have spirit. At any time any one of these four things can present a problem and as Einstein said

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it".

It is perfectly OK to ask for help, it is reasonable to want support and it is acceptable to reach out.

Marie is a qualified Master Practitioner and Teacher in Face Reading, Psychosomatic Therapy and NLP. With more than 15 years of experience, Marie brings a unique blend of skill and discernment into these untapped spiritual disciplines. Marie offers inspirational insights into your inner self and personal potential. Reach out to Marie via

" My passion is to make a difference to people, empowering them to be their best. This can be achieved by increasing their self awareness,

and maintaining a bodymind balance."

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